About Gagarin

GAGARIN is designed for the combustion of solid waste (MSW) and industrial waste falling under hazard class of 1 to 5, to generate heat and electricity.

It is like harnessing the power of lightning to process waste and output clean water as a by-product. Slag produced is basalt-like, analogous to volcanic glass, and can be the basis for building materials.

  • Shredding machine
  • Automatic system for waste loading
  • Automatic system for slag uploading
  • High temperature plasma converter

Environmental safety.

No emissions to soil or water.

Operational reliability.

Easy maintenance and install.

Thermally efficient.


Gagarin can be used for treating solid municipal and industrial waste, and organic & inorganic waste. Gagarin is also useful biomass processing, medical waste processing, agricultural waste, sewage sludge, to gasify low-rank coals, culm and oil sludge and pharmaceutical waste processing.